LeBron leaving Cleveland?
Last time a global icon left everything went wrong. In 2001, Sea World in Aurora, Ohio closed. Shamu left, and the area of North East Ohio began it’s tailspin into despair.

In 2002 LTV Steel closes and unemployment rose over 10%, Cuyahoga county led the nation in foreclosures per capita for two consecutive years and in 2008 Forbes names Cleveland ‘Most Devastated City in America.’
Which being named the most devastated city for 2008 was quite an accomplishment considering New Orleans had just been wiped out by tropical storm Katrina. The entire town of New Orleans was washed away, people were floating around in the ocean holding onto debris that was once their home and say to each other, “Hey it could be worse, it could be Lake Erie”

The people of Ohio were able to find solace in one thing, the homegrown basketball superstar LeBron James. However if James’s leaves there is fear that the city will be devastated beyond repair.
Cleveland is very dependent on it’s extreme change of the seasons. The harshest weather also applies when we look at these two icons.

LeBron is the king of winter! The Cavs have had the best regular season record in the NBA for the past two seasons. Shamu, not so spectacular from December to March.
Edge: LeBron

Shamu however is way better in June, without doubt. He had sold out shows everyday. LeBron on the other hand zero championships!
Edge: Shamu

Supporting Cast: Lebron has Shaquielle O’Neal and his five championships,
Shamu only has this sea lion. In defense of LeBron, the sea lion is a better free throw shooter then Shaq. However, Lebron complains that he doesn’t have tools around him to achieve championship status, yet Shamu was able to perform for 25 years in Ohio without ever having an ocean.
Edge: Shamu

PETA helped petition to get Shamu out of Ohio. PETA is a very sly organization. After all I believe they chose there name just so that opposing lawyers would have to say tell there colleagues that they are spending long nights alone with ‘PETA Files’ very sly PETA.

Some say it’s New York Knicks that are trying to pry Lebron out of Ohio. I say no one would be happier than BP Execs. This way Cleveland can overtake the Gulf of Mexico as ‘the most miserable place to be on the planet’
In summary, I hope Lebron does stay, if he does leave this is a glimpse of Cleveland, Ohio in 2011